Gotta buncha masks?
Need some mask stands?
Don't gotta buncha bucks?

Make your own stands for CHEAP!*

Let's say this is your mask display area.

You want to put your new mask here on a stand, so you
can sit back, drink a soda, and admire it with pride.

Well, pour yourself that soda! Your practically done already!!

Look Below!

After you've drained that 2 liter soda bottle, rinse
that bad boy out, and toss out the lid.

Now, look around for a 2 pound tub of cottage cheese.
Some stores call 'em the 24 oz. size.

You can get a tub for under $3.50. Eat, transfer, or otherwise
dump out the cheese, then wash out the tub.

Now cut a square of black cloth, or another color of cloth that'll match
your display area.

Cut it plenty big enough to drape over the whole
outside of the cottage cheese tub.

Cover it from the bottom up. Like this.

Stick the top end of the soda bottle into the cottage cheese container.
That'll hold the fabric on the cottage cheese tub.

You can wrap dark paper around the bottle, or drape the bottle in dark
fabric so it won't show through the eye holes of the mask later.

Gently stuff out the space between the bottle and the mask with plastic shopping bags. These will provide extra support.You can even put some on top to fill in a rounded head.

The butt-end of the bottle is large enough to support the mask, while
the tub makes a sturdy base.

If you need more stability, you can put gravel in the bottom of the cheese
tub or in the bottle before assembly. (Don't use liquid)


Plunk your mask on there, sit back, drink that soda,
and bask in the glory of your new mask, and a job well done!

*This whole operation took me about 15 minutes to accomplish.
       INCLUDING finding the scrap of fabric!

        A very cheap project, very easy to do!
        And you're saving bottles from the landfill!